As a maker of fashion, Marine Penvern holds to the belief
that fashion’s greatest power is that it not only transforms
the person who wears it, but it also transforms the
 world the wearer inhabits. Her transformative styles have a way of seaming historical and contemporary elements, achieving looks that are timeless and timely. Each piece uniquely expresses Penvern’s playful vision and fearless attitude, and is styled to the unique necessities of the wearer.

Using select designer fabrics, including rich cottons, leather, wools and silks, Marine Penvern creates clothing pieces that evoke the fantasy of magical realms as much as they embody urban comfort, individual style and self-confidence.

As a mother, Penvern understands that children need comfortable clothes that allow their bodies freedom of expression without fussy zippers or rigid fabrics. And as an adult, she identifies with the grown-up’s desire to be classic, playful and beyond fashion.

To arrange a studio visit and fitting, please send an email to and be sure to include your name, contact information, and at least one dream that keeps your fire burning.